Tales of Sonar Sub Hunt

Updated September 15, 2004

Many folks have written to me to tell their memories of what it was like to own and play the game so long ago. Their stories are offered here.

If you have a tale to share, please send it to me and I will post it for all to enjoy.

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Beating dad at his own game Steve's father-in-law always said his favorite game as a child was Sonar Sub Hunt. The family buys a restored edition to give to dad for Christmas. Steve can't resist beating the old man at his own game.
I'm 10 years old again! A son and daugther team up to get a Sonar Sub Hunt game for their father on Father's Day. Their dad writes to tell of his flashback to the sixties.
The Kelley Brothers' Christmas Gift Cache This is a great and hilarious story. In December of 1961 three brothers are anxiously awaiting Christmas and the gifts it will bring. One has just a single gift on his list; Mattel's Sonar Sub Hunt Game. The boys find the Christmas gift stash, but come the 25th, things don't go quite as expected....

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