The Joys of Youth, Revisited

Steve and his wife, Susan purchased a Sonar Sub Hunt game to present to her father for Christmas. I made Steve promise to get back with me the reactions when the package was opened, and he has graciously agreed to let me share it.

Here is Steve's account of the happenings:

Christmas Eve we opened gifts over at my wife's parents house, technically it was her dad that we were giving Sonar Sub Hunt to (but he's dad to me too). Anyway you wanted to hear how it went over, well this was what happened:

Susan (my wife) couldn't stop mentioning the box and building up the hype of this gift, saying that it was the ultimate and that there was no way anyone (because no one else in the room, except Susan's brother, who was sworn to secrecy, knew) could guess what it was. So to drag it on we made it the very last gift, and no one managed to make a guess. To truly understand one needs to know that this is a guy that gets himself the things he wants, so the Christmas wish list is bleak at best, and when you do find something for him, if you don't disguise the package (add rocks to the box, etc) he guesses before he opens it. Well this year he was stumped, so not knowing what it was he tore into the package and was confronted by the computer box it was delivered in. He looked at that for half a second and realized that wasn't it at all, so he found the resealed edge and opened it up. I told him it was fragile so he should be careful, so he carefully opened the flaps of the box one by one, and then as he pealed back the packing paper, he caught the first glimpse of the box and SILENCE. "What, what is it?" his wife asked. He slowly pulled it up out of the packaging proud as could be, a small gasp came from her as they both looked at it and we all said "Merry Christmas". Almost in a daze he continued to open the package and find the amazing condition of the game inside, this truly made Christmas great for all of us.

Later that night when everything was winding down, he and I sat down to play a game, Susan and her mom sat with us to watch. We began by looking through the rules (first time for me, a refresher for him) and examining the pieces. Then we set up for the hunt. He was creaming me, I only found 3 of his subs and he was up to six on me already, but he had hit two of my mines and I had missed all of his mines. He was sure he was going to get my last sub, as Susan watched through the periscope he lined up his position set the target down and hit FIRE, it lit up! He prepared for the victory dance.....then I told him the bitter truth, he sank his scout sub and that brought him to a total of 4 hits and a loss. "Rematch" he replied almost immediately, but it wasn't going to be so weighted this time I learned from my mistakes. I missed and missed, but my set up was better this time, He hit two subs and two mines, miss, I hit one, miss, but the field was reduced by the pattern I set up, he hit two more, I hit one more, miss, miss, miss. Then I said "time for some reds" really I did (referring to the red marker for hits), my next four in a row sank subs, it was his turn again and he hit two more sub and then another mine, "one more and you're out" I said. He scanned nervously and missed his last shot. Then I had the last turn I needed, I headed over into his water, hit a mine, missed, and then it lit up, I hit the last sub I was victorious!

Okay, so maybe I should have lost, after all it was his new game, but now he's got a target to take down right?

Anyway, thanks for finding such a well maintained game,


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