Sonar Sub Hunt
Original Parts Inventory

Updated Septmber 13, 2018

Ahh.. all those little parts that were so easily misplaced, sucked up by mom's gigantic Kirby vacuum cleaner, or swallowed by your younger sibling. It seemed the only time that you knew the location of all the parts was before the box was opened on Christmas morning in 1961.

Here is a listing of all the original pieces that came with the game.

Original Parts


The game has sixteen submarines; eight green and eight silver. Each player is to place seven under his own side and one as a "Scout" on his opponent's side before his opponent placed his own subs.

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The eight mines were to be evenly divided between the players and placed on their own respective sides. The object was to make the other player hit them during his "search" so he would loose turns.
Grid Markers

A total of six grid markers were included: two red, two black, and two yellow. Each player was to receive one of each color to mark his shots on his opponent's grid cover.

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Instruction Booklet

This booklet game detailed instructions for game play along with suggestions for a variation. It constisted of eight folded pages in an "accordion" style. Later copies may be found in a stapled "book" format. Unfortunately a lot of them became doodle pads for use with the grid markers as soon as the novelty of the new game wore off.
Ready Button

Ok, it's not really a separate piece, but since it is loose from the board it nearly qualifies. This fragile piece was the the most important part of the game and also the one most easily lost.

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