Sonar Sub Hunt
Parts and Repairs

Updated September 12, 2018

Tired of playing Sub Hunt with only 13 subs and 5 mines?

What about the light that only works a third of the time it should?

Where can you obtain new grid markers?

Return your game to good working order with spare parts and repairs, and save
the post-nuclear world!



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Original Repaired Replacement
Green Sub $2.00 ea. - -
Silver Sub $2.00 ea. - -
Mine Out of stock - -
Instruction Book $23.00 ea. * - $13.00 ea. **
Ready Button $10.00 ea. * $8.00 ea. * Out of stock
Yellow Grid Marker $5.00 ea. * - -
Black Grid Marker $5.00 ea. * - -
Red Grid Marker $5.00 ea. * - -
Full set of Grid Markers
2 Yellow, 2 Black, 2 Red
- - $8.00 set +
Light Bulb ++ - - $5.00 ea

US domestic shipping is included for all items

* Limited Availability

** Exceptional high-quality color copy of a pristine original

*** Re-cast with molds made from originals.

+ These are "Wipe-Off" crayons made by "Trend Enterprises", stock number T-593. I know of no
retail stores that carry these crayons, either in store or catalog. The only sources I
have been able to find are on-line. I have purchased a large quantity, so you can either search
the web for them, or order from me.

++ Part number 112 - These can often be found in the flashlight section at your local Ace or
True Value hardware stores.

If you have questions, comments or would like to place an order,
please contact me via email at:

Repairs and Restorations

Service charges are determined on an individual basis by game condition and the parts required.
There is no charge if your game cannot be repaired. (Rare, but it happens.)

Please email me with information about your game and I will respond with an estimate for service.

I have also been known to give free troubleshooting tips and repair advice over the phone.

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