I'm 10 years old again!

Doug opens his father's day gift and gets a blast from the past.

Dear Jeff,

I just opened my father's day gift and it was like finding the fountain of youth. My wife told me later that all I kept saying was "you've got to be kidding me" over and over again. This was my favorite game when I was 10 years old (42 years ago). I never found out when or why it was thrown out - probably when I was away at college. More than likely It was "done in" by a leaky battery.

I remember getting it for my birthday despite my mom thinking it was a lot more money than a game should cost. She was probably comparing it to board games of the time.

My son, who found your website, is my oldest (25 years old) now married and living in Austin, Texas. He split the cost with his sister (23), who is going to graduate school in Atlanta. Until they come home I will only have my wife and my youngest daughter (15) to torment playing my Sonar Sub Hunt.

It was about a month ago when Kevin sent me an article about some of the first video games ever made. After reading the article I started sharing with him some of my favorite toys when I was little. I guess I must have described the sub game pretty well since I didn't remember the exact name. I had no idea that he then went on a mad search for the game.

I am truly amazed that the game is in mint condition, and I'm even more amazed that the cardboard box looks like new after 42 years!

Thanks for helping making such a great memory come alive!


Doug H.

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