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Game # D-57

Updated October 8, 2016

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Game # D-57

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This game is in great condition and has been thoroughly restored.
All mechanical parts are in good working order and the electric
contacts have been cleaned for optimal operation. The grid covers
and periscope mirrors have been cleaned.

The instruction book is a high-quality color copy of a pristine original in excellent condition.

The ready button has an original center shaft.

The grid covers have intact hinges.

The grid markers are aftermarket replacements that are the same "wipe-off" type as the originals.

The box is sturdy and in very good condition. There are crayon marks in the inside bottom

A great edition of the game, perfect for game play!

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Gameboard VG - E
Grid Covers Intact Hinge
Playing Pieces Complete
Ready Button Original
Instructions Copy - E
Grid Markers After Market
Box Very Good

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Ordering Information

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